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Matting and Framing Exhibit Prints:

Participants are welcome to mat and or frame their work themselves, or you can use our convenient mat and frame rental service.

If you choose to mat and frame prints yourself:

Please use white mats and black frames only. We recommend Opus standard exhibition frames. The link will take you to their online store where you can get more information and pricing.

In an effort to keep each exhibition visually consistent, we ask you to please select one of the following three frame and mat sizes.

  • 11 x 14 in. Black metal Exhibition Frame. Recommended maximum image size 8 x 12 in. Maximum square image size is 8 x 8 in.
  • 16 x 20 in. Black metal Exhibition Frame. Recommended maximum image size 10 x 15 in. Maximum square image size is 12 x 12 in.
  • 20 x 24 in. Black metal Exhibition Frame. Recommended maximum image size 13 x 19 in. Maximum square image size is 16 x 16 in.

If your frame is larger than 16 x 20 in. please consult with us and have this size approved before submitting it.

How to mat and frame your photographs using Opus Exhibition Frames:

Opus has a great video tutorial available on YouTube that will guide you through matting and framing your artwork step-by-step:

Please note that Opus has a great selection of mats available. You can choose a pre-cut size, or have them cut one to your exact specifications for a nominal fee.

PhotoHausGallery strongly recommends using fully archival mats, so your images will not be harmed.

Printing your Images for Exhibition:

When making prints for exhibition, please take all necessary precautions so that the result is of the highest quality.

PhotoHausGallery reserves the right to deny prints for exhibition that are of poor quality.

If you are unsure of how to make a high quality print, you can also use PhotoHausGallery’s exhibition print service.

Good to Know:

Some image cropping due to mat overlap may occur and is normal. We recommend you make a print that is about half an inch larger than your image window cut in your mat.

Maximum frame size in any exhibition is 20 x 24. Please contact us for assistance if you wish to have your work displayed in larger frames.

If you framed your work yourself, you are responsible to drop off and pick it up after the show closes. We can only store framed artwork for 2 weeks after a show closes, so please pick it up in a timely manner.

Framed work that has been shipped to us will be returned as sent, with return postage provided by entrant.

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