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Dan Kirchner – VPW Student Show

Dan Kirchner

nude photo of a girl standing in front of a firey looking wall

How long have you been photographing?

I started photographing as a child with the then popular Instamatic cameras using the 110 cartridge film. As a teen, I received my first SLR camera and began to explore more of the photographic possibilities. But it was not until more recently, when I hung up my hat as an Engineer and travelled the world for a few years that I really began photography.

What inspired you to get into photography?

I am fascinated by the world. I am fascinated by light, colour, texture, human interaction and expression. Photography is a medium with which I can capture the beauty that surrounds me and immortalize precious moments in time.

Describe your photography in three words.

Passionate. Creative. Diverse.

What is your favorite lens?

I do not think I have a favourite lens. I like to work with a variety of lenses, depending on what I am shooting. I love the characteristics and possibilities of both telephoto lenses and wide angle lenses. Of course a nice fast 50mm prime is also a pleasure to shoot with. For my travels I prefer to use zooms to allow for that extra flexibility when composing images. My travel bag usually contains the Canon EF 24-105mm and the Canon EF 100-400mm.

What is your favorite camera?

I have been shooting Canon cameras for as long as I can remember. In recent years, I have been upgrading my dSLR bodies more frequently as the technology is advancing. I have been a big fan of the 5D series and am anxiously awaiting the MKIII announcement!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my desire to capture life and the beauty that I perceive and experience. Travel has been a huge contributor to my inspiration on so many levels.

Could you describe the process or idea behind your favorite picture that
was in one of our shows?(above)

It is difficult to pick a favourite image but I would have to say that the image of Yomi Jordan is right at the top. Unlike many of my images that capture a more spontaneous moment in time, this image was created with intention and direction. I used a combination of ambient light, strobe, shutter drag and slight vertical camera movement to create this photo. The combination of light, shadow, movement, curves and position of the models body result in an image with which I am very pleased; an image that exudes a mythical mood. – GoLiveLife Photography

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